Au Pair in Germany, France, Italy, Spain




Conditions for applying:

  • Are you 18-25 years old?

  • Do you have experience with childcare and do you love children?

  • Do you want to meet new friends ?

  • Do you want to live for 1 year in Germany, Spain, Italy or France?

  • Do you want to earn 260 Euros pocket money per month?


If you positively replied on these questions, then we are expecting your application. The host families are carefully selected and all au pairs will receive free support and counseling 24/7.

Each au pair will receive contact address from other au pairs and will participate on all au pair meetings and trips.


Documentation needed

  • Filled application

  • Dear host family letter (1-2 pages, with your future plans, expectations, interests and hobies, etc.)

  • photos with the children that you took care ofPassport copyCharacter reference, childcare reference,

  • Medical certificate and signed agreement for au pair


Au Pair tasks

You will receive schedule with the tasks that you will have to perform. These tasks vary from family to family. You will talk about the tasks that are expected with the host family before you sign the agreement.


Sample tasks: 

  • Childcare, playing wih kids, taking them to school/preschool

  • Taking care for baby, changing diapers, feeding, bathing, etc.30 working hours per week (childcare included)

  • Shopping

  • Help in the household with: dusting, vacuming, laundry etc.

  • Preparing meals for kids



  • Medical certificate

  • Visa

  • Airline/bus ticket




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