The Guest Activities (Cruise Staff) division is part of the Entertainment Department and deals with all the passengers' activities and entertainment on board the ship. The cruise director is in charge of the entire Entertainment Department including the Guest Activities division. The number of personnel, like other departments, depends on the size of the cruise ship. Most of the cruise staff have a lot of interaction with the passengers and focus on providing various activities and entertainment to the guests every single day and night of the cruise.


The Cruise (Activities) Staff division offers the following shipboard positions: Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Event Manager, Social Hostess, Cruise Staff, Youth Activities Manager and Youth Staff / Youth Counsellor.


Cruise Director

The cruise director is in charge of all on-board entertainment. He/ she creates, coordinates and implements all the daily activities, acting as a Master of Ceremonies (MC) at social activities and evening shows.


Assistant Cruise Director

The ACD coordinates the cruise staff personnel activity schedules, supervises and acts as Master of Ceremonies at specific passenger activities as directed by the cruise director.


Event Manager

The Event Manager reports and provides feedback to the Cruise Director. She/ he plans, schedules and manages designated programs according to the cruise line guidelines and schedules as well as supervises the works.


Social Hostess

The Social Hostess introduces the captain to the passengers at the Captains Cocktail Party. Conducts various social activities at different venues throughout the ship.


Cruise (Activities) Staff

The cruise staff team members host and participate in shipboard recreational, entertainment and social programs geared towards adults and families. Instruct, organize and facilitate various activities and tournaments (quizzes, bingo, deck parties, trivia games, sports challenges). 


Youth Activities Manager

The Youth Activities/Program Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and implementing all youth and teen programs (ages 3-17) aboard the ship. He/she trains all newly-hired Youth Counselors/Youth Staff and monitors their progress


Youth Staff / Youth Counselor

The Youth Program team member conducts a variety of programming for the entertainment of guests ages 3-17. Takes part in all aspects of daytime and evening children's activities as directed by the Cruise Director.