Some people dream of sucess.



We make it happen.

1. You are invited to attend a presentation about the program in our main office, street Maksim Gorki 8a, 1st floor, apartment 1. Please call or email us to make appointment for informative presentation if you are not from Skopje.


2. Please submit:

-CV in English language, in which you will state your education, working experience, professional qualifications, skills, foreign languages spoken etc.

-2 photos passport size

-1 photo full body size in official dress code.

We advise you to take these photos in some photo studio and the photos will be more professional.


3. You will fill application for employment and sign a statement that you are informed about the conditions and the process for employment.


4. We will interview you in English language to determine your qualifications and we will advise you which job and company is most suitable to you.


5. We will organize trainings in accordance with the standards and the requests from our partners. On the training we will teach you how to present yourself best on the interview with the potential employer, we will acquaint you with the customs, culture of the country where you will work, useful information, etc.


6. We will organize interview with our partners from Macedonia and abroad. The interviews are personal and are realized in our offices in Skopje or you will have Skype interview also from our office in Skopje.


7. We will organize for you medical examination with the medical tests that are required by your employer.


8. You will have to sign Agreement for employment with your employer in our office. Your employer will pay for your airline ticket and will obtain your visa. Also, your employer will organize meeting at the airport, you will have health insurance , regular payment of your salary, you will have organized transport from your apartment to your work and back and other benefits as per the agreement for employment between you and the employer.


9. We will be here for you, to give you all necessary help, support and assistance 24/7. We will expect your photos and your impressions of your new employment and new country.