The Photo Department on a cruise ship could consist of 3 to 15 photographers (depending on the size of the ship) and offers the following jobs: photo manager, assistant photo manager, photographer, junior photographer and videographer 


Seen everywhere on board and ashore, the photographers and videographers are constantly entertaining both the passengers and crew while creating instant memories for everyone around them.


Photo Manager

As a head of the Photo Department the Photo Manager oversees all the photography team operations aboard the cruise ship. He/ she is responsible for scheduling and assigning the daily work of all photographers.


Assistant Photo Manager

The Assistant Photo Manager oversees the day to day operations of the photo department aboard the cruise ship as directed by The Photo Manager. He/ she is in charge of the photo gallery and retail photo shop set up.



The Photographer is a member of the photo department team aboard the cruise ship. He/ she is responsible for shooting pictures of guests on various location on and off the ship - at the gangway during embarkation when new passengers board the ship or on port days as guests leave and return to the ship, on the pool deck of the ship and on formal nights shooting portraits.


Junior Photographer

During the first several weeks of employment The Junior Photographer would spend most of his/ her time in the Photo Gallery and Photo Retail Shop, selling images of guests and retail photo products- He/ she would participate in various types of photo shoots, supervised by senior photographers.



The Videographer aboard a cruise ship is responsible for shooting video footage of passengers and events taking place on the cruise ship and ashore with the purpose of selling the videos at the end of the cruise (the same as cruise ship photographers do with still images).