• If you are interested in working on a cruise ship, you are welcome on an informative presentation in our office. At this presentation you will be informed about all important segments in the ship employment.

  • Please submit CV in English language, in which you will state your education, working experience, professional qualifications, skills, foreign languages spoken etc. and 2 photos passport size on a white background.

  • You will fill application for employment 

  • We will interview you in English language to determine your qualifications and we will advise you which job and company is most suitable to you.

  • We will organize interview with a ship company. The interviews are personal and are realized in our offices in Skopje or you will have Skype interview also from our office in Skopje.


After the interview:


After the applicants successfully pass the interview with the interviewer from the ship company, they will have to wait for sign on date . The waiting period for receiving sign on date is from 1 week to 1 year after the interview.


When the applicants receive sign on date, the company sends us letter of employment which contains all necessary information like: joining date, ship name, port of embarkation, employee ID number, etc..


Our agency will assist the crewmembers with all documentation needed for embarkation:


Medical exam

The medical exam is done at the authorized health center and will contain all necessary tests that are required for employment by the specific ship company. If the applicant does not pass the medical exams, he/she will automatically be disqualified from ship employment.



Our agency will inform you on time which documents are required for visa application in a specific embassy.

We will make appointment for you in the embassy and assist you in filling all necessary visa forms.


Airline ticket

We will make flight arrangements for you to ensure that you will arrive on time to your port of embarkation. Some ship companies provide airline tickets for their crew members and in that case we will inform you in detail about the flight.


Hotel/Port agent

Prior to your departure, you will receive information about the hotel where you will overnight before embarkation and information about the port agent.