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Every year, an estimated 600,000 international students come to the United Kingdom to improve or perfect their English language skills.


Here are some of the benefits that learning English in the UK offers you:


Courses for all ages and abilities: It is thought that the UK has more English language courses than any other country. Come to the UK and you can learn English for your career, for educational purposes, or for fun. You can also study English on its own, or with other subjects at the same time.


Inspiring teaching and learning: In the UK, English language learning is about having fun and taking part. Instead of just listening to your teacher, your classes will involve games, problem-solving and discussions. You might also listen to songs, watch TV or read magazines to practise your comprehension skills. It might not feel like work at all!


Quality assured: Accredited UK English language centres are regularly inspected to ensure high standards of teaching, accommodation, welfare support and facilities.


The home of the English language: When you explore the UK you'll be surrounded by native speakers, so you can practise using the language in real-life situations. You will find that your skills improve enormously in a short time. You might even start dreaming in English after a few days!


Prepare for your future: English language skills are valued by employers, universities and colleges worldwide, and are a powerful tool in thousands of careers. Improving your English is a great investment in your future.


A unique cultural experience: Learning English in the UK is also an opportunity to make new friends from around the world, discover the UK’s culture and history, and explore beautiful countryside and cities.


We can offer language courses in London, Brighton, Devon, for all ages.


  • Language courses-20 hours per week

  • All teaching materials

  • Tests and certificates for finished course and all materials needed for the course

  • Accommodation on BB(bed and breakfast) or HB(half board) basis in family or in apartments

  • 1 full day excursion once per week

  • 1 half day excursion once per week

  • Transfers from-to airport


Prices from 700 euros.


Please contact us for more details.

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