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Asteria World Work is agency specialized for Work and Travel USA, cultural exchange programs, Au Pair USA, study in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and career consulting center.  

We strive to achieve utmost professionalism in our work, to work in accordance with the highest standards, to build long lasting business relationships, and to leave satisfied both our clients and our partners.

We create individual, personalized approach towards each applicant and we provide great support and assistance to our applicants throughout the whole process of the program.

Our services comprise of:

Screen candidates for their professional knowledge, experience, competence, skills, abilities, qualifications;
Check the recommendations

Student programs for cultural exchange and study in Australia, study in Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK
With these programs, we want to help the young people to exploit all the benefits that they offer to each applicant: to expand their horizons, to travel, to discover the world, to visit places which have never seen before, to make new friends from all over the world, to earn some money, to have enriching and unforgetable experience for a lifetime.


That is why we continuously advocate for the benefits that cultural exchange programs offer.

Our greatest reward is the positive feedback that we receive from our applicants who participated in some of our programs. 

Our team of enthusiastic and devoted professional is ready to assist you.

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Work, Study, Live in Australia, Canada

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